Olympia Arcade

Following a visit from an unwanted intruder, the existing air conditioning systems were damaged and our client required a quick response from ourselves. Pole to Pole Climate Control were able to attend the site in Weston-super-Mare on the same day to diagnose the damage caused to the existing systems. We found that the existing systems were stood on by the intruder gaining entry to the building via the roof, and in doing so the tightness of the system had been cracked. The loss of R22 refrigerant occurred, and the safety low pressure switches failed allowing the compressors to continue running until they failed.

Pole to Pole Climate Control recommend the use of Two Mitsubishi PLA-RP71BA Standard inverter systems. Each system provides 7.1 kilo watts of cooling, and 8.0 kilo watts of heating with an energy rating of C/C. The systems are controlled by a single LCD controller with a timed schedule set for the daily operation of the systems. We were able to have the systems installed and running in a time that met our clients requirements.

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